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CARBONEUM: The democratized social trading platform

The Carboneum team is creating an open protocol and a platform for democratized social trading on the basis of the ICON blockchain. The project aims to develop a network in which amateur traders with limited knowledge of the pre-coding market can reduce the risk of capital losses by tracking and copying trader transactions into public.

The Carboneum protocol will be used to build the CoinRadars DApp for social transactions. CoinRadars will connect followers with the leaders they want to track based on their expected returns and the level of risk they place. After tracking, the protocol ensures that all transactions made by the leader are copied and executed automatically for followers, as well as allowing people to start trading for the first time and learn. Ask from the experts. In addition, to protect the interests of traders, the Safety Belt feature allows followers to place orders automatically.

When the price reaches a certain level, the transaction will be automatically stopped. One of the differences of Carboneum with other projects is that Carboneum has its own token called C8. In case the follower trader gets a profit, they will have to pay a fee. A portion of the fee is paid to the Carboneum system and the rest is transferred to the leader. If your follower pays a fee of C8, they will get a 50% discount. This encourages followers to buy and use the C8 token naturally. In addition, the C8 token can be added to other existing products for the company's existing Carboneum products, namely the StockRadars (Fundamental Analysis and Traded Platform) and Fundradars ( investment platform).
 The core values ​​of the Carboneum platform include:
Transparency: All transactions and levels of success of the transaction will be recorded on the ICON blockchain. These types of information will be accessible by both the followers and the leader.
Simplicity: Beginners entering the pre-coding market can copy the behavior of professional traders instead of spending too much time learning about blockchains or market forces. right from the start. First they can follow up and then learn from the experts.
Engaging business model: Carboneum creates a situation that benefits both the followers and the leader. The leader's transactions are more successful, the higher their rankings are. As a result, they will have more followers and earn more. In return, followers will successfully complete the transaction process without spending much time and effort tracking the market.

Knowledge sharing: By looking at how leaders make trading orders, followers can learn trading strategies and update their knowledge. As a result, the community will be better equipped with knowledge.
There are a number of projects that simplify the transaction process. For example, Kryll has developed an intuitive platform that allows traders to create and share their trading strategies with each other but it will be difficult for traders to judge which strategy is good and Verify that traders are actually sharing the strategy effectively. Another example of a trading platform is eToro, eToro also allows people to follow successful traders. However, eToro is a centralized platform. Therefore, on this basis information of the trader can be abused and manipulated by the company. Meanwhile, Carboneum is decentralized and encourages both novices and professionals to participate in their own for-profit network. Leaders are selected based on evidence of their transactions, which can be easily verified. The system works simply and effectively by using transaction records and connecting traders together.

More importantly, one of the most impressive points of Carboneum is that they have ICON technical partners. Blockchain ICON has achieved great success and Carboneum can build their foundation on ICON blockchain to save their own blockchain development time.
2. Team
Main group
Team Carboneum
Max Kortrakul (Founder & CEO): Kortrakul has nearly 6 years working in product marketing, general manager and regional marketing manager at ContentKeeper Technology, a solution provider. web security. He is also a part-time lecturer at King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, a Bangkok-based research and education organization for four years. From 2013 until now, he is the CEO of Stock Radars.

Stock Radars is a Thai mobile application that provides people with analysis and detailed information about the stock market. This app has over 680,000 downloads. StockRadars has a partnership with LINE Finance, an app with over 4.8 million users. Information on the Carboneum website shows that some prestigious organizations such as Maybank Kim Eng, Line Finance or Krungsri Financial Group are clients or partners of StockRadars. StockRadars has received several awards, such as the Finalist Tech Startup of the Year, the Bronze Award for the Private Sector in the framework of the ASEAN ICT Awards, or the Honorable Award of IT Princess.   
Pavalin Masagee (Business Development Manager): She was an executive assistant to the Minister of Energy. She has been working for more than 4 years at PTTEP, a state-owned Thai mining and oil company. She is also the co-founder and CMO of Happenn (a custom event application) and founder of Hom Hostel and Cooking Club, the top 3 of the Bangkok vacationers.

Ukadej Udomchaiporn (Research Manager): He has 12 years as a lecturer at the King Mongkut Institute of Technology Ladkrabang.

Ariya Thinkumpang (Core Developer): He is a software engineer at Thompson Reuters, Canada's multinational communications and media company, providing services and information technology in the financial markets. and risk, legal, tax and accounting. Thompson Reuters has 1,242,846 followers on LinkedIn. Later, he was a software engineer developing StockRadars.

Ian Borders (Carboneum Maker): He is the CEO of Merge Pay, a financial services company; and Fueled by Coffee. LLC, a digital advertising agency. In addition, he is co-founder of CoinSparrow, a pre-coded life support service. These companies or projects are little known to the public.

Advisory Group
Carboneum has a 13-member advisory group. 
Carboneum Advisory Board
Korn Chaitikavanij: Former Minister of Finance of Thailand; He is currently the President of Thai Fintech Association. Information about Chaitikavanij can be verified on the Internet.

Batara Eto: He is the co-founder and CTO of Mixi, a social networking site of Japan. He is the founder and managing partner of East Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on Japan and Southeast Asia.

Pawoot Pongvitayapanu: CEO and founder of and is the first and leading e-commerce solution in Thailand. Meanwhile, Efrastructure inc. The company focuses on investing in Electronic Marketing, eCommerce and eCommerce. Currently, there is not much information about Efrastrucute and

Prinn Panitchpakdi: Governor of the Stock Exchange of Thailand and Managing Director of the Association of Securities Companies of Thailand.

The remaining members of the advisory group are Krating Poonpot, Kai Tsang, Somboon Sukheiviriya, Louis Ryu, Prinn Panitchpakdi, Wenwei Wu, Sakolkorn Sakavee, Jakraphan Saetiao, Chalermruth Narkvichien and Rawit Hanutsaha. Some of them are executives of companies providing IT services or cosmetics. In addition, Altcoin Trader, a member of Evolution Media Capital, Beijing and co-founder of Bitcoin Thai Club.
The other members of Carboneum
 It can be seen that CEOs and core developers do not have direct experience with blockchain. However, the CEO has worked in a technology company and a part-time lecturer at a Technology Institute. Meanwhile, the core developer has been the software engineer for Thomson Reuters. They have a basic knowledge of technology, so access to knowledge of blockchain may not be difficult. Moreover, they have a technical team with blockchain expertise to develop the project.
The team also has some notable figures. Many of them have in-depth knowledge of Fintech and financial services.

3. The initial achievements of the project
Strategic Partnership with ICON
Information on the social channels of Carboneum and ICON, namely Medium and Twitter, shows that Carboneum and ICON have signed a strategic partnership. In this collaboration, ICON will help Carboneum develop technology on the ICON blockchain.

Mobilize capital

In the FAQ section on Medium, Carboneum mentioned that the project raised more than $ 2 million in presale.

Link: HERE

When information about the strategic partnership between Carboneum and ICON is widely disseminated, the project will receive a lot of interest from the community. There may be many investors who are attracted and invested in the project.


  • Telegram: 20,878 members
  • Facebook: 9,368 followers

 The Telegram Group was created on March 7 and the number of members has increased dramatically. In the Telegram group, members ask questions and interact with the administrators quite often. The group also actively interacts with its members.

Also, Carboneum has a FAQ section on Medium. There are many questions from the community that are short and clear.

5. Token metrics

  • Total supply: 200 million C8
  • Hardcap: $ 12 million
  • 1 C8 = 0.1 USD
  • Token distribution
  • 60% PreSale & ICO
  • 20% of the company
  • 12% Groups & Partners
  • 5% Advisor
  • 3% Token Bonus (for referral users)

C8 Token Distribution Chart
 Two years after Carboneum was launched, 20% of the system's profits would be used to buy C8. In the third year, there will be two token acquisitions in a year. From the fourth year onwards, C8 will be acquired once in each quarter. This activity will take place until there are only 1 million C8 left on the open market.
Coins will be canceled.
The 3% bonus token seems a bit high. If the group wants to attract more public attention, they can invest more in marketing and accelerate technology development. If they release up to 60% of the tokens for pre-sale and ICO and 3% of tokens for user referrals, the acquisition of C8 will be costly later.
6. Roadmap
  • June 25, 2018: Crowdsale ICO @ 10:08 (GMT + 7)
  • July 8, 2018: Close the ICO
  • October 2018: First launch: CoinRadars, platform for crypto analysis and provision
  • Q1 2019: Preparing to launch social transaction platform
  • Q2 2019: Launches full social transaction platform for pre-encrypted and digital assets.
  • Q3 2019: Preparing to launch the Secure Social Trading Platform

* Subject to SEC regulations
Carboneum's development pathway
The team is now ready for the ICO. Although they have not released MVP or demo testnet, they should show the time they will launch MVP and testnet in the near future. The roadmap also needs more details on technological development.
In brief
The technological concept of the project is so clear that people can understand what Carboneum's upcoming plans are. This technology can be easily developed thanks to the ICON blockchain.

The incentive system of the Carboneum system will benefit both newbies and professionals in the pre-coding market. Good traders are encouraged to make good deals to get more fees while followers can slowly learn about the market and how to trade.

The company behind the Carboneum has achieved remarkable success, these successes can help investors and communities more confident in the project.

Things need to notice
In case the project is going well, they can publish some results or demo testnet to convince that the team can guarantee the development of the project. There should be more technological evidence on Github.
3% Tokens for referrals are pretty high because the tokens may fall on the floor. According to ICOgens' experience, the gender payoff for ideal bonus tokens should be only 1%.
Although the group has involved a large number of advisers, Carboneum should invite some blockchain experts to advise them.
Reviews from ME

* Note: The above rating is for reference only. Readers should consider carefully before making an investment decision
HYPE: Indicates the spread of the project to the community on Telegram, bitcointalk, redit, Slack, Medium, Tweeter, Steemit, Fb, Articles, ...
RISK: The risk rating of the project is based on Team elements, Idea project, project transparency, project roadmap, Whitepaper.
ROI: Index of Return on Investment in USD
TERM: Short-Term Investment Rating (Short, Medium, Long Term) for capital strategy.

This score is based on the score of the other four criteria or reflects the level of excitement of me on this project. It is not an ROI, but a level of interest from me.
More infomation:
Success comes from ideas, starting with enthusiastic people and flying high by the whole community

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