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DataBlockchain - Data is becoming the new raw material of the business, what technology 4.0. Big Data, Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain technology. Find out today !!!

Today I attended a seminar on "User Data", This is an important issue that many people today are not interested in. I want to give an example to describe the problem that I just mentioned: "Data is becoming a new ingredient of the business," said Craig Mundie, senior advisor to Microsoft's CEO. LinkedIn was acquired by Microsoft for $ 26.2 billion in 2016. LinkedIn has about 100 million active users each month at the time of acquisition, that means monthly users generate about $ 260 a month and are expected to grow at a rate of 27% per year.
Perhaps now, people should know that our personal information is a valuable economic asset that we can make a profit and we can make a direct profit instead of leaving the broker. Our data collects and sells information. The profit we can derive from our data is not only money, but also the progress of society by providing academics with the information they need to conduct research. assist. While 91% of respondents agree that consumers have lost control over how personal information is collected and used by companies, most of them are willing to share personal data about themselves. for scientific research, as long as it remains anonymous.
On the corporate side, the user data certainly affects them ... One of the biggest challenges that businesses face today is the approach and retention of customers. The key to getting new customers and keeping your current customers is owning important data, which can help you find potential customers who know your customers' trends. Today, the data industry is increasingly complex and highly fragmented, making it difficult for businesses to need this important information. Big data is the perfect choice to tackle these issues, in the context of the ongoing 4.0 global industrial revolution.
Age 4.0 produces a whole new set of technologies, including cyber-physical systems, internet of thinking, cloud computing, and cognitive computing. From the four main concepts, there are many products and the dominant is Big DATA which is a product created within the cloud computing.
Big Data is a term used to refer to a very large set of data and is so complex that traditional data processing tools and applications can not handle it. Big Data, however, contains a lot of valuable information that, if extracted successfully, it will help a lot for business, scientific research, anticipation of emerging diseases, and even Determination of real-time traffic conditions.
Datablockchain is an ambitious project with the idea of combining technologies that are a trend in the 4.0 industrial revolution such as Big Data, Blockchain, and AI. The purpose of the project is to liberalize Big Data and provide the most comprehensive marketing data solution for all businesses and individuals.

Overview of the project

DataBlockChain will revolutionize the data industry by eliminating unnecessary intermediates and creating the most efficient data delivery and delivery process. DataBlockChain will build a unified user interface that will allow people to search for different and varied data sources for records that match their search query parameters.
DataBlockChain develops technologies based on Blockchain and Ai to perfect big data:
  • Smart Indexing Engine (SIE): Intelligent indexing tools will use artificial intelligence using data analysis and machine learning to provide accurate and fast data.
  • Blockchain Integration: DataBlockChain uses Ethereum Blockchain and Smart Contract for all transactions and payments. DataBlockChain uses IPFS to store completed transaction logs.
  • DBCWallet: DBCWallet is a browser extension that allows users to store DBCCoins and use them to purchase services on the DataBlockChain simply and quickly. DBCWallet creates a secure ETH wallet stored on the user's computer.
From what we have seen, we can conclude: "This is a revolutionary data platform that breaks the traditional ways of collecting high quality data. Democratization, which will make them more accessible and less expensive to collect and analyze existing methods, will also be available to users in a cost effective manner, As a result, they get exactly what they pay, without having to carefully study all the data that they are interested in. Due to the fact that the industry is quite complex and often leads to some customization Select the complexity for the business, problem solving this issue with the help of this platform arises. "
Potential future of the project
Basically Datablockchain plans to combine its own data with huge databases from around the world, including government data, business information, property information, industry data. and more. This will create a huge sequence of data that can be used for business as well as for everyone, both to find and save for the customer. The project completely eliminates the need for intermediaries, often ineffective and at an additional cost. It has a very high applicability, but so far ... I've actually found many similar projects and results are not very good (Pdata, Datareum etc ...).
I will put here the names of the four main technologies of the project. I do not want to talk too much about them, if you are interested, you can find out more at the whitepaper, otherwise ... the list of parameters too long just makes the sale boring. The four technologies are:
  • Smart Indexing Tool (SIE)
  • Integrated blocking system
  • DBC wallet for easy purchase
  • IPFS
Team behind the project
According to the introduction: The group consists of leading data industry executives, seasoned leaders and engineers with decades of experience working in the data and technology industry. They have a favorable location to understand large data, artificial intelligence and Blockchain technology to provide global customers with critical information. However, I am not so impressed with these members, I will look into their profiles more closely if my team wants to devote more attention to the project.
Development Roadmap:
Quite short, from Q4 / 2017 and short-term vision to Q2 / 2019. Normally, macro-level projects like this will be planned for at least 3 years (I think).
As for the content of the project, I believe this is the direction that major changes and innovations are taking place. In a few years, the industry could change dramatically and this is perfectly reasonable and accurate. We need to support such projects and keep track of their development ... However, I just scored "Average" for this project, after learning more about them I hope I will feel better.
More infomation:
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