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DAV - Traffic communication of the future.

Over the years, the technology has been used in a wide variety of industries, and the transportation industry has received many benefits. Today I would like to introduce a project like that.

A lot of things are changing. In the modern world, the use of automated vehicles is no longer new. Emerging technologies are emerging all over the world. This makes human life quite easy. So far, many companies have come up with such a means of transportation. We are talking about cars, vehicles, trucks and land vehicles. Even if it was an unmanned vehicle. This is interesting, is not it?

DAV is an open source software platform that allows consumers to buy / sell automated, decentralized shipping services. The DAV integrates into any autonomous vehicle (automobile, unmanned, ship), allowing those vehicles to discover, communicate, and trade with each other using the DAV token. DAV will be a protocol that connects vehicles and consumers to create a decentralized transport market. This platform provides connectivity for automated means to operate in any environment, consuming services around it as needed. At the same time, it allows the transfer of P2P physical goods using smart contracts without an intermediary, thereby reducing costs for all parties involved.

What is their solution?

DAV is created as a framework for open source software, open source hardware and a free decentralized market where anyone can purchase and sell self-service transportation using code. DAV notice. Buyers and sellers will use dedicated smart contracts to gain unbelievable co-operation on transport services that benefit everyone by not having to rely on a secondary server. center. Because the DAV token is required for transactions, smart contracts guarantee financial settlement among all parties involved.
Developers are encouraged to join the DAV network by contributing their expertise. The networking technology of this platform is an open source software stack with a user interface developed for simple interaction, enabling a fast, automated, scale-up system.
The first application built for the DAV ecosystem is the Missions, which connects consumers looking for packages that are passed through unmanned aerial vehicles. Consumers request unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles then bid for those services and cooperate distrustfully by using the blockchain. Copter Express is the first unmanned aerial partner to begin integrating with DAV.

All technologies developed at the time such as self-driving vehicles, block chain technology, unmanned aerial vehicles and more in combination with a decentralized network provide the best solution for a delivery network. Autism. DAV will make it possible to provide a complete service without having to invest in one single technology. They will provide a platform that people will complete and improve over time.

DAV is a framework of open source software, open source hardware, and a free decentralized market where anyone can purchase and sell autonomous transportation services using the DAV token. 

More specifically on how the project works and how DAV can decentralize the Token automatically ??

DAV intends to create an open source protocol that will create a decentralized network of on-demand vehicles to transport people anywhere. Anyone can buy a car and use it in the system. Since this will be an open source network, many companies will be able to participate and provide their services in the system.

By using the system, you will be able to find the cars near you and the system will make connections between you and ask them to drive straight to you. All processes will be carried out through intelligent contracts based on the Ethereum series. Smart contracts are automatically enforced, so this means that people will get their share of the process.

No company controls the DAV network, but every company will be involved in this platform. This will be useful for a freelance market where each company can do its best to achieve the best results in the market. It does not matter if the company is small or big, they all will be connected to the DAV platform and have the same rights as other companies. Even individuals can participate in this market

For users, this can be a great idea as they will be able to get anywhere faster by using Uber and can send or receive anything in minutes if they live in. The city has many autos. In addition, service providers can record their business on the platform to ensure that the vehicles are running smoothly and doing their job well.
The hierarchical protocols and blockchain usage make DAV unique in today's market because no other company tries to do so. The use of blockchain technology allows the global payment structure, authorization and authentication system (and therefore, security).

Teams and partners

This project in my opinion has a very credible team with the names of "terrible" such as:
- General Motors Engineering Director Dr. Alan Messer,
- NASA astronaut, Dr. Scott Horowitz,
- Top developers of Ethereum - Dr. Greg Colvin and Nick Johnson.
- Eyal Hertzog, co-founder and product architect at Bancor
- Jay Adelson: Founder and CEO of Equinix, Digg, Revision3, SimpleGeo and Opsmatic; Time magazine has been named one of the 100 most influential people in the world.
- Ph.D. in Physics Giovanni Lanfranchi: Vice President, Global Innovation & Technology Architecture Manager, IBM Services.

A full list of team members and mentors can be found on the site.

Strategic partners include Bancor, AmaZix, AUVSI, Husarion, Skysense. Scorpiox, DroneTerminus, H3Dynamics, Aerodyne, Moovee, ... DAV is also in advanced discussions with other companies in the field of robots, drones, In addition, the open source contributor community is extremely powerful.

DAV token code

The sale of the opening tag is scheduled for June 11, 2018. The hardcap is 54,286 ETH, corresponding to 40% of the tokens. Interestingly, 25% of all cards are allocated on the bonus program and partner, this is pretty much. If such a volume is available for sale immediately after the release of the token on the trading platform (and for these bounty hunters, it is most appropriate). Therefore, the token will be paid only increments of 6 and 9 months after the ICO, to prevent adverse consequences for the exchange rate.

  • Token: DAV
  • Token Sale Hard Cap: 54,286 ETH
  • Target to sell a token: Limited 708,571,429 DAV
  • Maximum Token Offer: 1,771,428,571 DAV
  • Started selling the token: June 11, 2018 at 13:00 GMT
  • Price: 1 ETH = 10,000 DAV
  • Minimum purchase amount: 0.2 ETH
  • Maximum purchase amount: 150 ETH
  • Maximum gas limit: 300,000 Gas
  • Maximum gas price: 50 Gwei
  • Protocol: Ethereum, ERC20
More infomation:
  • Website:
  • Whitepaper:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Telegram:

Success comes from ideas, starting with enthusiastic people and flying high by the whole community

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