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Game Loot Network - More than just games on the computer screen.

Game - Since computers become family property, the games come with always fun, from simple to complex, from bad to pretty, in the game, you can be anyone, any What, you exist everywhere, all the time and satisfy all the imaginary brain. The game has evolved over the years and this fertile land is never lacking in newcomers. Until one day, the game is not just entertainment, many see it as a job, for example: streamer, youtuber, there are people who generate income by selling items in games etc ... they community Connection,
Widespread for others, all of these people have been and are an important part of the virtual world.
It started with Tetris on my brother's old clutch. Continue through Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and PC all the way through the current generation of consoles and mobile gaming. Some people may think it is a huge waste of time, but for me and millions of people around the world, there is no better way than your spare time. The game allows you to (almost) experience things you can never do in real life. Want you to fight aliens and save the day? No problem. Want to replay historical events? You understand. Want to compete in front of thousands of people for the championship and bonuses? E-sports have what you are looking for. You can even do all of this while taking the bus thanks to the mobile technology. There is a world of possibilities and imagination created by gaming. Somewhere along the way, all the good things about gaming seem to fade and it becomes more about money and greed than fun.
But nothing is perfect, money creates greed, hackers exploit vulnerabilities in the game to make unfair profits, fraudsters steal money righteously, even publishers also sell exclusive packages of They do not have a real right to property in the game, since all of these assets are stored in corporate servers and they have full control over them. Games are usually distributed by region and by machine. This, in turn, reduces the interaction between gamers, most national games must integrate multiple payment platforms of different areas. Due to excessive capital expenditure, it is not surprising that giants dominate and motivate smaller game developers. So, the world just needs a unique gaming platform with ingenuity and innovation.

Any innovation will be introduced to the community

Game Loot Network is an online distribution platform that acts as an application store with functions supported by blockchain technology. Electronic money, LOOT, allows the platform to become a revolutionary shop for all games - from games, buys, designs. This is a unique 7 millionth social gaming platform built on a block chain, with games being monitored and developed by the community. GLN is active in the Ethereum series. Their goal is to democratize the gaming industry and give the power of choice back to the consumer. The LOOT token is the gas that makes the whole machine run. LOOT can be used in a number of different ways including tournament tour fees, game purchases, developer donations and game enhancements and bonuses. The GLN slogan consists of three main points: Building, Playing, Making Money.
Pudding is just beginning but the foundation of GLN has had a "merit" can not be disregarded.
  • 65K - Users
  • $7M - Spent in Development
  • $5M - Revenue Earned
Many companies design game concepts without ground-floor feedback from their future player base resulting in unexpected and frustrating innovations. Companies rely on players for beta testing, customer acquisition, and game management, but they rarely share rewards beyond the in-app upgrade or early access to predictive content.
So we are here to give artists the resources to create games that they imagine and reward players who fill their virtual world.

How does the Game Loot Network work for the benefit of the user?

The Loot Network game platform transforms the game's version with the community portal for integrated capital mobilization. Its essence lies in the fact that the designers present their game ideas in a catalog on the platform screen. Their recommendations may include screenshots, presentations, or frames from the game. After that, users offering Loot markers to fund promising projects have aroused their interest. In exchange for their cryptocoins, proponents receive a percentage of earnings from the upcoming title. Thus, decentralized groups create games of democratic demand. The scheme is quite simple of the job.
After the final forex projects are completed, they bring in revenue, for both the developer and the supporter. Consequently, independent artists cut costs and players receive income from the games that helped them.
Users can:
  • Gaming
  • Hosting Tournaments
  • Make money
In the "Earn" section, you can find many sources of income.
Here you are just playing your favorite game you can earn real money. For example: game tournaments are awarded with Loot token prizes. Average players battle online ranking systems in the end with hollow achievements. High thrills are reserved for professional players in inaccessible E-Sport brackets. With the help of Game Loot Network users experience real pleasure, which can only be experienced from their favorite games.
The Loot token acts as a gateway to every reward resource on the platform. With Loot, users can enter head-to-head tournaments, generate recurring revenue through crowdfunded games, purchase in-game boosts, bid on online auctions, earn extra income, and eventually download games built exclusively for the platform. Loot will thrive, nourished by extensive in-app utility.
Token Loot acts as a reward for the platform. With the help of Loot, platform users will have the opportunity to participate in tournaments with head tilt, generate recurring income through focused games, buy game deals, online auctions, get more revenue, and eventually download games created exclusively for the platform. Loot will thrive, providing an extension for applications.

Projection for the Global Gaming Market 2016-2020

From those numbers, we can see that this market is surely huge and is going on increasing year over year due to the development of technology and entertainment demand of us as a human beings.
Nowadays, game hubs such as App Store and Google Play are purely centralized game marketplaces. Whenever a developer has uploaded the game on those platforms, if they would like to advertise their games, the cost will be very high for each product. Some developers and companies just would like to test the beta game versions by letting the users play for a short time but those trials can not be rewarded. Therefore, the incentives for the players to give good feedback is not available, which can not maximize the optimization and creation of the games. Those problems have fostered the creation of a new solution which can change the game named Game Loot – the blockchain-based virtual platform which rewards players with real value and facilitates ‘any-budget’ game design.

Development team of the project, great people.

The project will be underpinned by a holistic core and advisory team of proficient experts. The team led by professionals in the associated fields of gaming and bookchain technology has clear vision and idea to undertake and complete the said assignment within the stipulated timelines.They seem to be well-prepared to deliver fully working platform.

Key Features
  • Embedded Games within the platform
  • Downloadable Games
  • Real-life rewards with cryptocurrency
  • Incentivized crowdfunding for in-development games
  • Rewards
User achievements
  • Income generating referral system
  • Gaming tournaments with real-life prizes for non-professional players
  • Competitive battle bidding for discounted gaming gear
Evaluation of the project
I appreciate this project, they have a good idea and a strong community of supporters. The futures market is also full of potential. If you feel excited, I have left the reference link below.
Success comes from ideas, starting with enthusiastic people and flying high by the whole community
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