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PAVO - Transforming Agriculture with Blockchain

Agriculture is the most important industry in the world. Although not really mentioned much, agriculture is still the basic industry needed for human survival. Today, I bring to you a project called Pavo. Pavo is a blockchain project that will use Internet technology and artificial intelligence to transform the entire agricultural sector. The life of the farmer will be easier, the food you eat will be better than ever.

Pavo is developing an app to help easily manage Internet of Things tools for agriculture. Pavo's software helps farmers manage not only their crops, but also their harvesting, processing, and distribution transactions. All of the data collected by Pavo's app is stored on a blockchain, which provides both a secure record to guarantee legal compliance, as well as a vast trove of information that can be analyzed to identify cost-lowering opportunities. Pavo is also releasing its own cryptocurrency, the PavoCoin, which it hopes users will embrace as the system's internal currency.

Pavo’s IoT blockchain software platform is designed for the data-driven agriculture professional of the future. Right now, the IoT software component exists and is deployed at three farms in California, USA. They continue to perfect it to allow their clients to achieve better product characteristics while increasing process automation and minimizing expenses. Through the implementation of the blockchain element, they’ll enable clients to not only produce better crops but also to optimize their sales, distribution, and supply planning activities

Pavo IoT software platform helps the user:

  • Easily measure and track the entire cultivation operation from anywhere.
  • Record and monitor production practices in real time via the Pavo IoT gateway.
  • Record, report, and analyze activities from planting to spray records to shipping.
  • Track labor costs and productivity to optimize human resources and related costs.

“We can install a seven-acre farm with our system in about two hours and the farmer can use it immediately,” CakMak, CEO & Co-Founder of Pavo said.

These features help growers to document, archive and learn from experience, leading to better yields, lower costs, and higher top-line revenues.

How does Pavo work? Soil sensors are placed into the soil close to the plants, and the CO2 sensors located in the room where the plants are grown regularly collect sensor data. This information is then transmitted through the gateway into the data storage from which it is delivered to the user through an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The user tracks the information and uses it to optimize the entire growing cycle by ensuring that vital crop measurements stay within optimal ranges.

Token Pavo is the official currency used in the Pavo market, allowing market participants such as farmers, consumers, vendors ... to use it as a fast digital payment method and save much more than traditional payment methods.

Consumers can use Pavo to buy food directly from farmers in the Pavo market. Farmers can use Pavo to pre-sell their farm produce with a custom smart forward contract. Farmers can also use Pavo tokens to use the high quality blockchain IoT Pavo agricultural platform.


Pavo mobile app has launched on Google and Apple stores in Q2 2018 that allow users access to real time and historical weather data or set alarms for specific weather conditions, capture photos while creating a stage record, advanced alerts for frost, powder and mildew, track fertilization and irrigation,... as I mentioned above.

In Q3 2018, Pavo Platform will hyperledger Beta, an essential step to enable the platform. All the info about the growing cycle now gets stored in the blockchain.

In Q4 2018, They will upgrade a New Pavo mobile app with features Water PH and EC that is able to leaf moisture reporting and alerts on wind conditions.

Pavo Team

Pavo's website identifies eight full-time employees and the same number of advisors, all of whom have extensive experience working with tech startups.

Pavo is led by CEO Erhan Cakmak and CMO Dave Dabbah. Erhan Cakmak is an international business executive who has 20+ years of experience building successful companies. He previously served as COO of N3N, COO of Bright Pattern, Inc., co-founder and president of Bright Pattern S.A., and Managing Director of Solint Systemintegrations GmbH. He’s a Stanford University graduate.

The company's website notes that the team has honed its skills in sensor-based agriculture by working with tree nuts in Europe, but it's not clear from the employees' biographies who was involved in this.

The company is beginning to gain an audience on social media, with about 65,000 combined followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. Pavo’s ICO and especially its partnership with ICOBox have gained attention from many websites, including international ones.

To sum up, Pavo has a very strong idea; its technology could be extremely useful for agriculture of all types and scales. The product is still early in its testing and is yet to prove itself, but if it is sufficiently powerful, user-friendly, and affordable, it has the potential to become widely popular. As for the PavoCoin, it's not clear if it will be widely adopted, so investors should carefully watch its user base.

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