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Quadrant Protocol - Protect your intellectual property.

In the information technology, data is the greatest asset. I believe that many will agree with me so. Brian Krzanich, chief executive of Intel, in an interview with Fortune magazine, said "The data is new oil" and with the belief that Big Data will change the world.
But first, let's look at some of the challenges in the data economy that hinder the development of better algorithms needed to operate a system:

  • Extend the data gap between the business' data and non-data
  • Unfilled and fraudulent data display the appropriate algorithms for useless
  • Distributing unhealthy revenue to original data producers, this is important because there are no incentives for Data Producers to provide a constant volume of authentication data.
All giant names as well as smaller ones, using detailed information for their designs and processes. AI quick and development in improving works related to the ability of the human variety, and we can see an unprecedented progress in the next few years. But then, the tools Artificial this intelligence data is needed to complete set of them as well as features continuous, and it is important to fill out the right ones, to achieve realistic AI fragile like This, the information pool market at the time, was extreme and unrefined, characterized by degree of manipulation bias and inequality.
For the future I would like to have more work to do with how much information can be accessed by those who ask for it, I can not hope to be right if the problem of the information market is not really to handle. All these inadequacies demonstrate the fact that the Quadrant Declaration Information Verification Plan has been developed. This is the project that I will say today.

How Quadrant Protocol will change the game

This platform works in a good strategic way, coupled with the disparity that has occurred in other information provided by vendors to different and specific customers. In this way, each player in the AI ​​field is given a reasonable choice to complete and improve, regardless of their level and income scale. Therefore, the relevance of the Quadrant Protocol platform becomes apparent.
Blocks have evolved into a kind of community that lets vendors, data creators and users together so that everyone gets a neat shot to optimize information, buy and sell. , as the case may be. The company of this platform has the functions to help verify the validity of each information listed and create it valid. Any of these features have their own specific reality in the overall feature.
The Quadrant helps overcome these problems by enabling access to, creating and distributing data products with authentication and origin with the help of their blockchain-based protocols.
It provides the infrastructure for the exchange of services between data providers and buyers of smart contract data and with the facility of tracking the accuracy of this data - basically the buyer. Data can track and find evidence of who created the data.
The system ensures that the data producers are compensated each time the data they provide is used, no matter how far the data is brought. This encourages the mass production of data known as constellations and is included in the Data Intelligence Contract for anyone or any business interested in purchasing accurate and reliable data.
The info stamping protocol
There’s phase or procedure where raw info is introduced into the block tech, thoroughly identified and then mapped as being authentic. This process on the Quadrant Protocol happens earlier than the info is added to constellations that are sold by the data vendors. Therefore the info mapping protocol is what provides a positive signal that the raw info that was given, is of the real source, and hence, can be added to form an item. This is one of the vital features of the Quadrant Protocol.
Guardian nodes
One more element of the Quadrant Protocol serves as manner nodes that make sure the integrity of the block and that entire of its verified info materials are kept intact. It’s liable for confirming deals involving the Constellations, as-well-as adding new blocks to the Quadrant Protocol chain. It also serves as the link among the Quadrant Protocol platform and ETH block.
Open Constellations
Open constellation function would permit both info users, as-well-as the data vendors, to set conditions below which they can purchase or sell info respectively. Therefore, the vendors on his own side can make an agreement and push it out for interested info uses, while the info users can also customize an agreement to suit their own terms, and then share it to the data vendors. This function allows a fair competition in the market.
Technical analysis of the project
Data Stacking Protocol: Nurseries and pioneers can enter data by pasting data into quarters
Open Constellation: Constellation (mass production data) can be created by the provider and consumer data - allowing nesting to share revenue.
Guardian: Key nodes. Stage. Just kidding. The Master Nodes protect the integrity of the chain ensuring that it is not compromised and provides the untrusted nature of stamping, authenticating and verifying data.

So who is trying to eat Quadrants?

Ocean Protocol and Streamr DATAcoin come to mind. The former pick up in reputation and hype; while Streamr DATAcoin hit Binance on June 9.
However, neither does fully demonstrate a challenge to the completeness of what Quadrant provides; End to end, pragmatic, enterprising, sensual data exchange in a supply environment and provide continuous data supply and demand.
BUT. Take a look at what our analyst chose (me too) on June 9th:
  • Streamr DATAcoin ICO increased $ 27 million for one ticker or $ 0.062 for each ticker, currently at $ 73 million on the market, trading at $ 0.10 per tick ($ 0.36 high). la in January 18)
  • Ocean Protocol is trying to raise $ 22 million for a $ 1.4 billion token or $ 0.25 for each token.
  • The Quadrant protocol is increasing USD20M for 1Bn token or $ 0.05 for each token
Let's make a simple math that we will recognize the Quadrant is more and cheaper than zero. A better product with cheaper price, a profitable investment.

So how can we board the Quadrant?


So how can we board the Quadrant?

In a recent announcement, they had a preliminary guide on how to join the investment process for the project as well as identify the identity. I want to share with you in more detail.
First, take some time to read some important things.
We want to once again thank our community for the overwhelming support during the whitelist! We have prepared this post to provide the participants who took part in the whitelist the necessary information to perform the next step in the whitelist process — KYC/AML verification.
If you did not whitelist, do not perform the KYC/AML verification. Only participants who expressed interest in the whitelist are allowed to enter the process.
Participants who do not perform the KYC/AML verification will not be able to take part in our public token sale.
To make sure that this process is as seamless for you as possible, please read through this guide carefully.
NOTE: Participants have only one attempt to submit the necessary documentation and form. Please be sure to verify your information before submitting as incorrect entries will not get a second attempt.
Successful completion of the whitelist AND KYC/AML checks are MANDATORY to participate in the Public Sale.
To proceed with KYC/AML verification, go to and bookmark this link. Use this link again when the KYC process starts.
KYC/AML Verification
This verification process is to verify if you are permitted to take part in Quadrant Protocol’s upcoming public sale.
Quadrant Protocol is partnering with Cynopsis Solutions to oversee and perform the KYC/AML processes.
NOTE: Quadrant Protocol supports and abides by international regulations and sanctions. Citizens of any countries that have active sanctions will not be permitted to participate in the public sale. We are using Cynopsis Solutions’ KYC/AML solution to ensure we abide by regulations. We reserve the right to reject any application based on their recommendation and will not be releasing the reports. You will be notified before the crowd sale (June 22nd, 2018) if you have a spot on the Crowd Sale list. If you don’t receive official communication from Quadrant Protocol that you have passed the KYC/AML, then that will mean unfortunately you have not made the list. You will receive no communication and we will be unable to provide any details.
US, Canadian, New Zealand, Chinese, Korean and UN Sanctioned countries’ citizens are not permitted to participate in the public crowdsale.
  • Head on to our Homepage at
  • Click on the ‘Submit KYC Documentation’ button in the banner
  1. Fill in the email address to verify your participation in the whitelist.
    NOTE: Participants can only use the email address provided in the whitelist process
  • Magic Word should be displayed. Verify against your Magic Word to ensure you are not on a phishing site
  • Fill in details and upload documents as requested
  • Verify Captcha and submit form
Important Notes
KYC/AML Start Date
Friday June 15, 2018, 1200 Hrs SGT (GMT +8)
KYC/AML End Date
Monday June 18, 2018, 1200 Hrs SGT (GMT +8)

Who’s in that A-Team then?

The team behind Quadrant Protocol is the same team behind DataStreamX (DSX), an online marketplace for real-time data.
DSX has been around for 4 years and are trusted by big corporations and universities like DataSpark, Nanyang Technological University Singapore and National University of Singapore (rated 15th University in the world by QS Global World Ranking).
Basically the team has got experience in the space and aren’t the noobs half these ICO teams turn out to be (I’m probably not going to get alot of writing jobs after this)
Mike Davie, CEO and Founder
He is the founder and CEO of DSX as well and his experience there, led him to search for a solution for the problems in data economy. Cue Quadrant Protocol.
Other past experiences include Samsung where he developed business models for future smartphone devices and market entrance into new markets in SE Asia and the Middle East.
Barkha Jasani, Director of Engineering
She held the same title in DSX and has over 9 years of experience as an effective full stack platform engineer; also has experience in building dApps and is an experienced blockchain researcher & architect of Decentralised Ethereum blockchain solution.
Sharique Azam, Big Data and Blockchain Engineer
Also part of DSX and in his time there was building and deploying a variety of SDKs and APIs so that clients are able to consume data more efficiently, integrating IBM Watson’s trade-off Analytics to get data visualisation, and other cool stuff.
Any Rockstars on their Advisory Panel?
Notable advisors include (keep that pants on, boi):
  1. Pavel Bains, CEO Bluzelle . (We bet this is the only name you know)
  2. Dorjee Sun, COO Santiment
  3. Benedict Chan, CTO BitGo
The Quadrant aims to address the major issues in the data community, from connecting demand and supply, ensuring authentication and better understanding - we are considering a change in the creation of all type of retail market.
The hype was not out of the charts with the Whitelist for 8,000 people closing within 30 minutes; and confirmation from established investment funds, 9999 mentors and motivations by influential people only for good FOMO measures.
What is not?
For you? Whitelist is over. But for us, we are still looking.
One area that is not yet clear is how the team will promote the adoption of the product when it is ready.
But to be fair, its a step child and with the alliances they have, we believe that magic will happen and of course we are looking at one of the biggest game changers in the data space. whether.
FOMO level Lit. Af.
We are giving her 4.5% out of 5.
Note: This is not a perfect point because the ICO is still underway and the delivery of the token is muffled, exaggerated and semi-publicized elements must be considered - big picture, saturated - But this girl is really "delicious"
More infomation
Success comes from ideas, starting with enthusiastic people and flying high by the whole community
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