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Qurrex - First hybrid crypto exchange

The rapid evolution of the cryptocurrency market, and increasing number of professionals operating in this sphere, has driven an urgent need for reliable exchange services of a professional level. 
As the world’s first hybrid digital asset exchange, Qurrex is in the process of perfecting an innovative cryptocurrency exchange platform featuring high-level security and performance.
Qurrex is a modern decentralized crypto - exchange , which has no analogues at the moment in its speed, security and technological level. The platform consists of the following elements:
  • A centralized node responsible for the incredible performance of the Qurrexexchange
  • Multifunctional user interface, which absorbed all the best that exists in the market of digital assets trading
  • Block-Net is a network that provides unprecedented security and transparency of the platform, and also allows you to trade directly, without intermediation.
The Qurrex hybrid exchange will be able to deliver a superior service by making many features available to its users such as Liquidity and latency of centralized exchanges, The security of decentralized exchanges by allowing users to keep their funds in cold storage or multi-sig wallets, Transparency through immutable data on trades and so on.

Incredible speed and transparency 

Qurrex is much faster than any existing cryptoexchange. Unlike other differing cryptocurrency exchanges, Qurrex’s platform is designed specifically for high-frequency and high-volume trading. This is ideal for both the casual trader and industry professionals whom need a reliable and responsive platform to conduct their trading.
The efficiency of cryptocurrency exchanges and traditional stock options changes hinges on the service level provided and performance of the platform. Implemented performance tools allow the platform to make approximately 70,000 operations per second. Traditional exchanges can perform anywhere between 40,000-100,000 operations. Despite being at the beginning of its evolutionary lifespan, Qurrex load testing results have already demonstrated an operational capacity to reach 70,000 transactions per second. It’s not unreasonable to assume that as the technology evolves – especially after having completed a successful initial ICO – scalable transactions will increase Qurrex’s transaction capacity per second.
I found a table comparison of Qurrex with its competitors on the Internet. As you can see, every exchange is considered to be a competitor. However, no single exchange succeeds in meeting all requirements of its traders. It's clear that Qurrex has many outstanding advantages in comparison with others cryptocurrency exchanges.
Qurrex is a first of its kind hybrid cryptocurrency exchange which proud to announce its strategic partnership with Andromeda Group. Andromeda Group is a private holding company focused on investing into high growth, sustainable blockchain assets. It has extensive experience and understanding of both traditional and evolving cryptocurrency markets. Its areas of operation include venture capital, crypto-brokerage and other opportunities in the blockchain sector. Through this partnership, Qurrex aims to expand and enhance market making, OTC desk operations, listing exchanges and attracting crypto investors.
Pavel Kornilov, Andromeda Group Co-Founder said: “We see Qurrex as potentially strong player in the market and glad to develop our relationship. We also believe that the quality of QRX token buyers will be one of the key factors of the future success of the project”. Andromeda Group has announced that the total transaction amount of the deal exceeds 5 million US dollars. 
The team behind Qurrex includes seasoned professionals with expertise in investment banking, stock exchange infrastructure development, and business development. Netherlands-based CEO Matthijs Johan Lek leads it. Matthijs Johan Lek has had over twenty years of experience in finance and investment banking and leading financial institutions. His team includes knowledgeable traders and consultants with significant roles in the cryptocurrency community as well as accomplished architects and experts of traditional stock exchanges from various countries.
Development on the project started in November 2016 at their own expense. At the moment, Qurrex has developed a minimum viable version of their trading terminal which allows users to conclude deals, apply technical analysis tools and view data feeds. The core architecture has integrated the ability to execute requests in the CEX or DEX. They will Testing and launch of organized trades on the CEX in 1st half of 2019. Wheareas, Expansion of the CEX functionality and launch of the decentralized network will be in 2nd half of 2019.
The following photo show Qurrex growth estimation. Even a pessimistic forecast shows that the share of Qurrex in 5–7 years will be about 1–2% of the total market volume. This indicator rises up to 5–7% in an optimistic prediction.
Qurrex is doing its best to be on the top as many social media channels as possible to gain a reputation. For fanpage of Facebook, they now have nearly 5000 followers. In addition, their telegram group includes about 2900 members and also nearly 4000 followers on their Twitter.
In conclusion, I see strong potentiаl in this project. The concept of the project is very useful and potentiаlly very profitаble. The Qurrex exchange has been founded to meet the demand of the dramatic growth of cryptocurrency trading. Qurrex helps to solve the main problems experienced by current users of existing cryptocurrency platforms including but not limited to security, performance, and liquidity issues. Qurrex creates favorable conditions for a new wave of participants (including brokers and institutional investors) in the cryptocurrency world.
Going by their strong team and extensive roadmap on the website, Qurrex exchangedefinitely does not seem like a short term project, it is worth investing both from short аnd long-term perspectives.
The sooner you will support the project by buying its tokens, the better price you mаy expect аlong with bonuses. So far, the platform looks promising with all the required areas covered. However, we advise you to find out more about the project by clicking at these links that I provided below before deciding to invest. Thank you for your support!
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