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Safeguard - Health is the most precious asset of every human being.

Health and safety in the workplace always is a considerable concern to people who work in hazardous industries. In fact, work related injuries and accidents costs U.S employers more than 1 billion dollars a week in 2015 and an estimated 476 billions euros each year in the EU. Although the injuries and illnesses total decreased since 2014, there is still a special need for a practical solution to this problem. In light of this, Safeguard is established with a view to operationalizing a data-driven approach to creating a safer physical environment for everyone. 

Basically, Safeguard performs its tasks through its blockchain-based Safeguard Protocol and its associated system which are directly overseen by the Safeguard Foudation. The Foudation enables accident prediction and prevention software to become more easily accessible to potential users around the world. Safeguard team carefully designed safety systems in the hope of being able to create a decentralised platform that predicts potentially dangerous situations in any enviroment effectively. 

The Safeguard Protocol primarily aims to enable future prevention of accidents, fatalities or general safety threats and promises the co-development of a universal safety application. Users therefore can be more easy to take full control of their situation.

In addition, the Safeguard Token (SGT) that grants unlimited access to the Protocol to users will be sold and distributed through a crowd-sale process. Also, community developers can be rewarded with SGT for their contributions to the Protocol platform.

In Safeguard organization, customers will not compulsorily purchase licensing from centralised company but in return enter into contractual agreements and other time-delaying factors. This means that such customers can access the Protocol and use it whenever needed. Another huge advantage is that there is no extra charge and high costs for payment structure as well as major barriers to entry during the process. 

The organization’s first objective is to ensure a smooth conversion from its current centralised safety management platform into a decentralised, open source system. Safeguard is set for its expansion within the European market in the last quarter of 2018 and execute a market penetration and roll out in the Asian market in 2019.

Now, Safeguard works with such prospective clients as RDW, Arena, Amphi within different countries. Its CEOs, Ingmar Vroege and Gertjan Leemans, and the Safeguard team are leading experts in a wide variety of sectors with unrivalled experience and knowledge assure complex and innovative products to their customers in the future.

I believe that health is the most precious asset of every person. And a health project worthy of our trust and investment. For more information, please refer below.

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