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ShareRing - We live together in the sky, in a unified society. Love and sharing are necessary to bond the hearts together

The world is sharing, we live together in the sky, in a unified society. Love and sharing are necessary to bond the hearts together. Today, I will introduce a project on "sharing".
ShareRing is the world's first system designed specifically to let you share things with others. No problem and no currency exchange fee, no matter where you are or what you share.
ShareRing is a demand-driven platform that focuses on highly fragmented economies by aggregating shared services between sectors and geographies. By using our market of decentralization, users can securely access, connect and pay for services anywhere in the world. We are developing an ecosystem that is basically Amazon to share the economy.

The origin from which ShareRing was born

Founded in mid-2013, Keaz is a global leader in car sharing solutions for white labeled offices in Australia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, the United States, New Zealand and plans to expand into Europe. 2018. Their core technology, KeazACCESS, was released in May. By 2015, it currently manages and provides daily access to more than 8,000 global vehicle asset shares2. KeazACCESS is a powerful cloud ecosystem that enables companies, governments, organizations, communities and individuals to share and access digital assets, as well as increase services. Mobile from anywhere in the world.
ShareRing is a developer of blockchain ShareLedger, the 'smart service system' that makes it much easier to globally scale for millions of customers to access and use on demand, a range of applications. Real estate in a rapidly growing economy. ShareRing ™ includes a number of core elements together to create a smart demand sharing service.
A specially designed distribution block (ShareLedger), has been developed. ShareLedger will collect one of the latest developments in blockchain technology, which is a dual token mechanism. The ShareToken (SHR) will be used as a card utility platform, while the second, SharePay (SHRP) card, will be used as a currency for service sharing, API platforms, and proven platforms. Intelligent use has been used around the world in shared economies and ongoing mechanisms to create strong and growing network of providers and users.
The blockchain platform ShareLedger will provide more than the traditional cloud / server sharing platform. The popular 'ShareRing' application is under development, allowing people to easily view and use any sharing service around them. Each partner will have a 'small' application development option in the ShareRing application that will have special functionality for that partner. This application will use geolocation services to display neighboring ShareRing services.
A global payment solution.
Imagine you could catch a plane to the airport in Hong Kong, stay in a San Francisco apartment and find a guard dog when you go - and pay all in one token, no expensive exchange rates or international transaction fees. That's what we want to say as we speak globally. ShareRing is the first secure way to pay for sharing services anywhere in the world and it will connect you to those services anywhere. No more trying to figure out how to get in Indonesia, or what applications to use in Italy.
ShareRing uses a distributed cryptographic system based on blockchain technology. That means it can not be broken or hacked, and neither the owner nor the divisor can feel secure that the transaction is secure. The belief is built into the system. Not all transactions must be made in ShareRing currency to receive maximum security benefits. Even when it comes to other forms of payment, ShareRing can validate the identity of each party and ensure your agreement is bulletproof.
All of ShareRing's e-money deposits will be publicly audited, as the public address of the electronic wallet will be published on the ShareRing website. Any description of any large spending will be posted publicly on the ShareRing website. Money will be allocated as follows. The entire budget will be presented in the main revenue of the ICO:
  • 30% is allocated for clean development, including the first integrated 'client' KeazACCESS integrated into ShareLedger.
  • 10% are allocated for external review and technology validation by third party consultants and auditors.
  • 30% are allocated to set up the 'incubator' and the bonus will begin to operate on third party product integration with the platform.
  • 20% is allocated for marketing and global promotion.
  • 10% for reserve fund
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