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SKYFchain : The New Operating Platform for Cargo Robotics Industry

SKYFchain is the first working platform of B2R (Business-to-Robots) based on blocking technology. This project will be developed on the block air of etherium and for trucks and unmanned aerial vehicles.

This project is designed to form a high-tech freight segment, with the help of technologies such as artificial intelligence and mass. The main means of the operation was the unmanned cargo aircraft (SKYF), designed to lift up to 400 kg, with a range of 350 km and airborne up to 8 hours. The drones have modular design, can use it in many areas and no less importantly, this unmanned aircraft has passed all test flights and can be used. for its intended purpose:

  • Cargo;
  • Used in the field of agriculture;
  • Extinguish fire in other extreme conditions;
  • Passenger transport.

Another advantage of hybrid technology is that the designers of this project combine a petrol engine with an electric motor. The gasoline engine will lift SKYF to the air, and the electric motor will drive the screws to create a motion vector.
SKYFchain platform
SKYFchain represents a hierarchical platform that provides fast, transparent and unmanned delivery. It can be said that this is a large ecosystem of unmanned vehicles providing a secure and transparent relationship between the participants of the platform. In the transport service market, there is no analogy and direct competition for this platform, this makes it absolutely unique.

Emphasize the key benefits of this platform:

Reduce logistics costs, that is, through the use of this platform and unmanned flight, business owners will be able to reduce costs by repeatedly shipping their goods. Permeability, ie, unmanned flight does not need to build a single traffic route for different ground vehicles, traffic jams and other issues.
Safe thanks to blockchain, platform users will be able to guarantee transparency and compliance with all their obligations, it does not lead to cheating and deception, because this chain (registration) do not forget anything what Bulk car insurance will have an opportunity in cargo insurance. Blockchain also provides a full assessment of the hedging companies. Calculates on the basis with the help of cryptocurrency, which will ensure transparency in all aspects of the transaction stable platform.

The market for air-borne cargo robots (drones)

$127bn –that’s how much PWC estimated the total addressable value of drone powered solutions to be in all applicable industries. Exponential investments growth into the sector has already began.$100bn –is  the service  market  size for  SKYF drone in agriculture,  logistics,  and  infrastructure (see Annex 4 for details).During the first three years it is expected that SKYFchain would service clients of SKYF drones in these industries.

SKYF chain OP business model

Logistics business processes today are designed with a human being in mind, either as a customer or a controller  etc.  Autopilots for cargo  robots,  AI  and the developing  field  of  IOT  hints  that one  day,robots may work without being directly controlled by an individual. This would bring enormous savings since currently,around 50% of costs in logistics is in labor. The   field   in cargo   robotics will   require   investments,   and   investments need insurance,   risk management and control. Thus, unmanned cargo robots may become an asset which would require new types of regulations and business processes. We are planning to develop them in the SKYFchain Operating Platform.

The  main  purpose  of  the  SKYFchain  OP is  to  integrate information  for  all  market  participants  and organize  the execution  of  smart-contracts  for  transactions. Transactions may vary  in  value  and frequency. The platform will collect commissions from each transaction.All transactions will be paid in USD or other fiat currency but executed in system using the SKYFT tokens. SKYFT token will be the internal currency of the platform. Only 1.2 bn tokens will be issued at ICO in form of Ethereum ERC20 tokens. This is fixed amount for all system.We  are  going to  test  the  platform  using  SKYF  drones,  then  we  shall educate drone  producers and integrate other drones into the system. When sea-borne and ground-borne cargo robots come into the market, we shall  integrate them as  well by  organizing  workshops  with respective  associations  of producers.

As the number of cargo robots connected to system grows, so does the number of transactions.More tokens  will  be  needed  to execute  the  smart-contracts  and the SKYFT  exchange  rate  may increase.We expect that the clients would usually pay us in fiat and crypto currencies, and purchase our tokens from  the crypto exchanges in  case  of  need. We are  planning  that SKYFT  tokens  will  be  traded  at least  at four  or  five  crypto  exchanges.his would create liquidity needed for the platform operations.

For  a token buyer  at  ICO,the downside  protection is  the  fact  that SKYFchain  OP will  be created using three unique resources:

1. The exclusivity of servicing operations of SKYF drone-the world’s first heavy and industrial grade cargo  drone.  It is a fundamentally new drone  vehicle with  a  hybrid  gasoline-fueled engine  that outperforms  existing  drone  solutions.  It  is  capable of  vertical take-off  and  landing, and has an ultra-high useful load of up to 400 kg/880lb and an exceptional flying range of up to 350km/220 miles. The SKYF drone suits multiple market segments, including logistics, agriculture and firefighting to name a few.It’s already have clients which would allow SKYFchain to develop new business processes  of unmanned  logistics.Those clients  will also bring  in  transactions  to  execute on  SKYFchain. SKYF drone IP and know-how fully protected.

2. 20%  of the revenue from sales  of  the first 1000 SKYF drones will  be reserved by  a license agreement with  the SKYF  drone producers to purchase back SKYFT  tokens from the market. 

We expect this to take place during the first three to five years after ICO (this revenue is equivalent to $50-60mln).Tokens bought under this condition will be put into a Community Development Fund and used to reward partners and developers of the SKYFchain.
3. Mission planning, verification and operations support of SKYF drones (and later other drones) will be run through SKYFchain –a unique private blockchain:
  • SKYFchain super node holders will receive 50% of transaction fees.
  • SKYF  drones  will  be marketed  together  with  a  franchise of a  drone  logistics operator  and  a license  for the third-party rone producers of drones  and  spare  parts. By  2021,  more than 1100 SKYF drones projected to be  operating  worldwide, and other drone manufacturers  and owners  will  also  be  able to  join  the SKYFchain Operating Platform there fore in creasing the number of transactions in the system. 

The upside for a token buyer is our plan to open the SKYFchain OP after the testing period for all other developers  and manufacturers of  air-borne,  sea-borne  and  ground-borne  cargo  robots.The SKYF drone will become just one of the many participants of the platform.
SKYFchain OP will invite experts from the logistics industryfrom all over the world to become part ofthe development community.Special  funds for tokens  will  be  allocated to ICO  to reward  them.The Community Development Fund (CDF) will hold 10% of token sissued at ICO. 
SKYFchain  OP  project  team includes  leading  aviation  industry experts,  block chain specialists  and international business professionals. 
The SKYF drone initial testing  market  will  bethe developing countries agricultural and  logistics sectors –a multi-billion-dollar market on its own. From year 2021 on wards it’ll start expansion to the US and European markets.
Test flights of the SKYF droneare already under way and have been successful.Please take a look at aflight test video on our website:
Several big clients  have  signed  up  for test  flights  or pilot implementations  of  SKYF drones  in  their business operations. Our most prominent partners are:
  • Syngenta  AG(annual  revenue –$12.8bn),  a  global  Swiss agribusiness  that  produces agrochemicals and seeds
  • Avgust Crop Protection(annual revenue -$263.3mln), the largest crop protection chemicals producer and service provider in CIS;
  • Pony  Express(annual  revenue -$86.7mln),  the  number  one multi-modal  logistics  operator and delivery company in the CIS territories.
Platform SKYFchain

SKYFchain represents a decentralized platform that provides fast, transparent and unmanned deliveries. It can also be said that this is one large ecosystem of unmanned transportation that provides safe and transparent relations between the platform participants. In the transport services market, there are no analogues and direct competitors for this platform, which makes it completely unique.

Let's highlight the main advantages of this platform:

  1. Reducing the cost of logistics, that is, through the use of this platform and drones, business owners will be able to reduce their costs of transporting their goods several times.
  2. Passage, that is for drones, you do not need to build unique routes of transportation, as for cars considering various soils, traffic jams and other problems.
  3. Security, thanks to the blockbuster, platform users will be able to guarantee and transparently fulfill all their obligations, which will not lead to fraud and deceit, because the chain (the register) does not forget anything.
  4. Cargo insurance, with the help of the block, will be an opportunity in the insurance of cargo transportation. Blocking will also provide an adequate assessment of risks to insurance campaigns.
  5. Calculation on the platform using crypto currency, which will guarantee transparency in all transaction relations.
  6. Platform stability.

Platform token

The Token of this platform is a key element, because with it all the platform passes everything without exceptions to the transaction. It is also important that the number of tokens will be limited, this in order to ensure their value in the future, as developers will buy these tokens after the sale, which will not allow them to fall significantly in the price on the exchanges. The advantage of these tokens and platform is that they fit the requirements of American regulators, because this is a huge problem for many block projects.
You can think about how this platform will be used, those people who have not heard anything about crypto-currencies, because this is the majority. This case developers of the platform well thought out, and made an automatic conversion of Fiat into the crypto currency that will ensure the smooth and instant operation of this platform.

The team of this project includes a sufficiently large list of specialists who have proven themselves. Among them are specialists such as: managers, marketers, lawyers, PR specialists. Let's look at the founders of this project:

Alexander Timofeev is the founder of this project, has extensive experience in attracting investments and the founder of such campaigns as: Microbor-Nanotech and InvestKinoProject.
Commercial Director and Marketing Specialist Maxim Habur.
More infomation:

Success comes from ideas, starting with enthusiastic people and flying high by the whole community
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