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Start selling on global marketplaces in ONE click with Trimpo

Hello everyone, I hope you have a nice day! Today I will tell you about a new and very unique and interesting project. The project will be very popular and has a high investment attractiveness that are dealing with any problems of E-commerce industry. It's Trimpo.
Trimpo is first blockchain-integrated marketplace and a service to kick-start sales on global marketplaces without problems that people had to manage before. I am talking about some difficulties with going online, the fragmentation of the E-commerce market, the absence of integration of multiple online sales in one single account. Besides, it is still hard for merchants to collect relevant data and read quality analytics. With Trimpo you can easily forget about such things. With one click on the mouse you can now enter from each region you are and see real-time data on sales and updations you are interested in.
The Trimpo project sets an ambitious goal: to combine all the platforms for online trading, providing sellers with access to all goods and services in a single application based on blockchain.
With Trimpo, you can create and manage your own shops through the world’s biggest online marketplaces. Developers provide sellers with the opportunity to place their products on the world's largest trading platforms: AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, Yandex.Market. You just need to create an account Trimpo.
In addition, the authors of the project offer free sales Analytics and assistance in the development of their store. Such a platform, built on the basis of blockchain technology, provides anonymity, security and transparency of work. Customers can not worry about their products, and the investor at any time can conduct its own audit. And thanks to the use of smart contracts-guaranteed the execution of all orders.
The most important advantage of the system is simplicity and availability even for inexperienced users. The slogan on the official website of the project says "Start selling on a global platform in one CLICK." A trial version of the platform is already available, which allows you to evaluate the functionality of the project.

How does Trimpo work? Everything is very simple!

When installing the application, Trimpo will import your products automatically. Once you have installed Trimpo, connect with eBay, Amazon, Yandex.Market or VK. (Available eBay sites: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France and other sites, except the “Ebay Motors”. Available Amazon site is Then adjust a trading policy. The trading policy includes the delivery policy, return policy and management of discounts.
Done! Add your products to any of the available marketplaces and watch the sales flow in. All orders and inventory of your products will be synchronized automatically with your online store. Also, all orders placed through the marketplaces will automatically display in your online store Control Panel. For example, if a Trimpo registered trader uses his or her own online store and also lists products on eBay and Amazon, when he changes the availability or removes the product altogether from his store - changes are automatically made on eBay and Amazon.
Trimpo's Benefits
  • The growth of e-commerce- with the world becoming connected, Trimpo hopes to provide for an alternative e-commerce system and eventually make a share out of the market
  • Cost reduction- through cryptocurrency, Trimpo Marketplace dramatically reduces the number of fees by third-party intermediaries in use with traditional sites
  • The borderless structure allows for traders and customers from across the globe to buy and sell, thus achieving trade globalization
  • Provision of analytics by the Trimpo BigData portal provides informational insights for the merchants on any product
  • Competitive pricing- with multiple merchants on the Trimpo marketplace, customers get the option to choose the best value for their money
  • Revenue opportunities for the customers under the CPA and CPC programs
Trimpo Team
Alexander Terentyev is the CEO of Trimpo. He has over 7 years in e-commerce. Recently he launched a SaaS company, which provides services in the broadcasting industry. Previously he worked at eBay as Product Manager, the same with Wikimart, and as project manager at RBK Group.
Vladimir Suprunovich is Leader of Product development / Technical. He has over 7 years in Java development. Previously with Alfa-Bank and RBK Group.
Anatoly Shishkin is in Product development / Blockchain lead with Over 8 years in UI development, 4+ years in e-commerce. Previously with Wikimart, GeoIT, Research and technical center based in Amur State University.
You can read more about them and advisors at the whitepaper whose link i put at the end of my content. All of them are excellent.


The project is now at a new stage of development, which requires further investment to accelerate the growth and globalization of the project. That is why the Trimpo team decided to launch the ICO. This year, Trimpo plans to implement service localization in North America, China and India and provide local traders with the ability to quickly and correctly establish cross-border sales and develop a platform for suppliers.
Token Sale Information
Token Sale goals is Fundraising for project development, Fundraising for regional expansion and platform promotion andLaunching Trimpo token on the ecosystem.
The project Trimpo will definitely appeal to users. Their community has already had more than 23 thousand users and more than a million products on the marketplaces. The authors of the project have quite ambitious plans to expand the capabilities of the program, each of which individually is quite feasible, in the amount they will give an excellent result. The creation of a decentralized application that allows to expand the opportunities of stores, providing them with access to the largest markets, will have a positive impact on the development of the industry as a whole.
More Information:
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