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Ubex - Superior advertising technology by AI

Ubex is found online at, which aims to use AI to address some of the major issues in today's advertising industry.

Ubex believes that Internet users suffer from poor advertising conditions. They face scams through advertising. They see irrelevant or boring ads. And they are not compensated for their contributions to the ecosystem.

On the other hand, advertisers face similar problems: ineffective advertising, unwanted traffic, and the complexity of finding multiple ad channels. Publishers are also struggling with low incomes and difficult to fill advertising space.

Finally, Ubex aims to solve all these problems by using neural networks and blockchain technology. Ubex believes that its global decentralized ad exchange will be "the future of advertising."

What is Ubex trying to solve?
Ubex believes that users, advertisers and publishers - the three who participate in the global advertising ecosystem - are facing a variety of issues with today's advertising systems, including:
  • Irrelevant or annoying ads
  • Overpayment for products and services due to multiple intermediaries and high commissions
  • High risk of fraudulent use of advertising methods secret

  • Unsure of achieving results when an advertiser is forced to pay for clicks and ads that are served without actually reassuring revenue.
  • Difficult to find all the available advertising channels, resulting in higher costs and the need to hire more staff.
  • Not effective in some advertising channels, with ineffective display only after the budget has been spent

  • Struggle to find advertisers to fill the advertising space
  • Low payments and inability to predict future payments from advertisers
  • Late payment and non-payment for advertisers of poor quality or poor quality

Ubex thinks it can solve all these problems by using a decentralized ad exchange. Let's take a closer look at how it works.

Advertisers can install and run a Ubex advertising campaign. The user will specify the cost of the ad, or percentage of the sale, as well as the deferred payment. Utilities can be personalized by the advertiser and can also be provided by the exchange.
After installing the add-on, advertisers will set guidelines for displaying ads to attract as many customers as possible. Along with that setting, the neural network will provide predictions about the effectiveness of custom ad campaigns. At the same time, advertisers can monitor real-time all major indicators generated by advertising campaigns.
Publishers link their ad position to the Ubex advertising platform and start making money as soon as the tracking gadget is fully filled with website traffic data for future analysis. made by the central network.
The Ubex platform will provide opportunities not only for advertisers and publishers, but also for companies that need to analyze the feedback of user data. The central core of the system will be responsible for making decisions regarding the stages of the promotional material lifecycle, where an API will be available to grant access to partner companies.

A few notes about the project

While analyzing the project there are some points I find quite strange:
The sale of tokens during the ICO sale period is very steady, according to my observation, every day the number of tokens displayed on the website about 2.5% - 3%. In my opinion this is very strange because every day there are a number of investors visit and buy a certain number of tokens.

I also learned about their Smart Contract address, you can see it below

But this address shows the information is not the same with other smart contract. I will contact the project and update the information.

Details of the UBEX Token

Ubex revolves around an original chip called UBEX. Advertisers use their UBEX tokens on their account balance to access smart deals and sign deals with publishers.

The UBEX tags are the ERC20 tags on the Ethereum block.

Of the total offered, 75% was distributed to the community with the remainder for the group and advisors (18%), reserve funds (4%) and bonuses (3%). .

Ubex has set up 24,000 ETH for selling the token. The cost of a single UBEX token is 0.00001 ETH.

Development team

Ubex begins its life in the fourth quarter of 2016 with the launch of an exclusive advertising platform dedicated to promoting short-term credit. Throughout 2017, the company added features such as APIs and advertiser bids. Eventually they have developed into an advertising system capable of serving the entire Internet.

Ubex is registered as Ubex AI AG. The company is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, at the Crypto Valley Laboratory.

The main members of the Ubex Group are Artem Chestnov (Managing Director and Co-Founder), Marketing Director of AB Inbev in Belgium. He is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in marketing activities in Europe.

Other Ubex members are Daniel Biesuz (Legal and Co-Founder), Guy Weissman (CTO) and Andrew Rippon (COO).

More infomation:
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