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Verasity - the future of online videos

Hello fellow investors! How are you? I hope you are doing well and today I want to introduce to you this impressive ICO named Verasity. I believe this is a precious investment chance you shouldn’t miss. Verasity is created to empower Video Creators, benefit Viewers and give Sponsors as well as Advertisers good value for the money they spend.

Online videos - the giant market controlled by monopolies

There’s big business in online videos. It has been estimated by Cisco that in 2021, out of the consumer's traffic, 82% will be video traffic. This estimate was 73percent as of 2016. On its own, YouTube has an estimated worth of over $75 billion.

Companies like Facebook and Google are manipulating the market. They made more than $190 million of revenue in 2017 though controlling how the content is distributed and selling advertising. At the same time, video makers get only a small amount from that, viewers get nothing and their personal information is even sold for more targeted advertising. This interaction takes place according to the following scheme in the form of a triangle "media-audience-advertiser". Where else are added a lot of intermediaries in the form of the video hosting, advertising agents, banking and electronic payment systems. The author eventually gets only about 30-40% of all possible profits. Also, in a bid to pay their content creator, video sites such as YouTube depends on the revenue they get from advertisement. This makes advertisers have preeminence over content. There was said to be a hike in the third-party income alternative which includes, sponsored videos and audience donations because of the YouTube 'Apocalypse'. This has made viewers that choose to watch contents that are not ad-friendly lose out.

Verarity aims to change all this. The platform gives users and content creators the power they deserve to have, building a better environment for everyone.

Verasity brings great value for Viewers, Content Creators, Advertisers and Sponsors
This company creates a decentralized platform-hosting and monetizing video content without the involvement of intermediaries and the hype, it also earns not only the author but also the audience who receive the tokens platform Vera.

Viewers can easily find the content they want to watch on Verasity. The platform establishes direct relationships between the channels and their viewers which eliminates bias content suggestions. Another notable feature is that Viewers are rewarded with VERA (Verasity’s token) for watching the content and they can decide to watch adverts or not. If they do, they will get VERA directly from Advertisers. Moreover, Viewers can support a content channel by buying its VeraSparks then later on get a portion of VERA that the channel make according to the portion of VeraSparks they own.  It is indeed a more intelligent and harmonious ecosystem, where everyone is interested in its development. The use of blockchain technology and smart contracts allows you to almost instantly receive a reward for your work and time, as all operations are carried out with the help of tokens, no delays and fees from a third party. There will be more ways to earn VERA for viewers in the future as the project is growing and those will attract many people to use Verasity. 

The project to prove the value of the provided content has developed and patented a system * Proof of View (PoV ™) that will allow to more effectively determine the feedback from their fans and other viewers, and to understand what to change, improve.

There is also a VeraSparks Fund, which can support everyone and it will share the profit with them. The funds are used for the growth of the channel and increasing the number of users. Now brands, corporations, firms will be able to communicate directly with media personalities, top bloggers, to be confident in them and quickly conclude agreements.
Content Creators also have various ways to earn VERA such as Free-to-view with optional donation, Pay-per-View, Monthly subscription, Advertising and Spark Marketplace. They can set the monetization model they want, the price and fully control their content. Verasity assures to provide them storage for their videos and high quality playback as well as network maintenance and development. Of course Content Creators will have to pay some fee for Verasity’s service, however, with all the benefits it can bring, Creators surely are able to earn much more than what they have to spend. There’s also this feature of Verasity that I like a lot: Creator upload limit. If Creators want to increase the limit, they have to pay VERA. This forces Creators to provide quality videos so they can cover the upload cost and make a profit. The project uses online video hosting, which is a partner of Akamai, it is one of the world's leading distributors of content that guarantees high streaming quality and large volume. Authors will be able to sell part of their channel to users, which will allow to use better equipment, create better content and will be required to share profits on a smart contract. This is a very profitable and safe interaction between the participants. The current bloggers do not offer such an option of cooperation, but mostly ask for donations and support.

Advertisers and Sponsors are definitely not a fundamental part for the success of the ecosystem but they certainly are able to contribute a great financial resource for the development of the platform. Advertisers need to buy VERA to reward viewers who accept to watch their ads. There’s no intermediaries involved so it’s cost effective for Advertisers and will help Verasity to become a useful channel for Advertisers. Sponsors and Creators actually can talk to each other outside Verasity. However if the sponsorship takes place in the platform, Sponsors can be assured that they are paying for the correct amount of reach.


They have a full roadmap and have a vision at least until 2020. This is a good thing, so we need a clear time to be able to monitor and test better the investment plan.
Some remarkable technology features
In order to retain a fair commercial relationship between Creators, Viewers, Advertisers and Sponsors, Verasity has developed Proof-of-View. Basically, this technology helps to determine if this view is legit or not. It deactivates bots and removes fake views. Please refer to the WhitePaper if you are curious about how it works.
Verasity is building its own blockchain and Proof-of-View is an important component in it. The project has chosen to use Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) to provide a faster and more efficient mechanism than Proof-of-Stake for transaction verification. Since Verasity blockchain is still under construction, founders of the project decides to use the ERC20 VERA tokens for token sale. All of these ERC20 VERA tokens will be replaced by VERA coin when the platform is officially put into operation.

By the time you read this article, the token sale is already happening. Hurry up because the price is increased by 1% after every 24 hours. Beside WhitePaper, on their website, you can also find the Yellow Paper which describes in details about Verasity blockchain architecture as well as Economics Paper which analyzes Verasity economy. All of those well-prepared documents give me a positive feeling toward this project, not to mention profiles of the team look very reliable. Seize the chance and good luck!

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