Wednesday, 4 July 2018

#BTC #Bitmex 04/07/2018 9h00 - Short-term analysis.

There will be no shorts within 3 hours.

If possible in the next 3 hours, there are only 2 points for taking profit and closing 1% -1.2%

Not available in order, snap to the market to enter the most optimal price and most active. minimizing risks. With Bitmex, optimizing $ 1 would be very valuable for $ 1, 100x then $ 100.

- Long 1: 6346 Leverage 50x or less
- Long 2 6234 leverage 25-50x, If 100x then put the cross first and then switch to 100x if the market is stable then 15 minutes.

After 3-4 hours the market does not fluctuate to such a level, long and long 2 only for leverage 25x down and the market will depend on the price formed after 3-4h there. This is where the new short and new shorts are located.
Effective time is about 24 hours.

According to information from private sources, the price of BTC decreased as this is likely due to bot service, some automatic trade was hacked (according to Bird's own judgment and judgment) to make many fish accounts. shredded tuna, sea tuna stolen buy unwanted coins at high prices on Binance. This incident revealed to the trader fear not understand the reason should sell cash. Combined with the trade of Central America and the fire of the world stock market, the USD rose, gold fell together with psychological panic causing part of the holders of BTC actively sell. Newer Post Older Post

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