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Eloncity - Power Solutions for the Future. Analysis of white paper.

In the previous article, I reviewed the overview of the Eloncity project - one of the most anticipated ICOs in the third quarter. Today, I will continue to evaluate, analyze in detail the solution of Eloncity (Whitepaper)

On June 26th, Eloncity Team has released the official white paper version 0.87, it describes the project in detail - the most important technical document of any Blockchain project. The contents of this whitepaper include the following main sections: Problems of Modern Centralized Power Grid; The Solution - The Eloncity Model; Technology - decentralized energy architecture; Access Eloncity's solution on various aspects; Market development; Prospects of the Solution;

This is a very detailed document, so I will try to summarize the main ideas to give you an overview of this project.

The first part: Risks and Disclaimer.

This is an important part, as investors should read these items carefully to ensure their personal interests. Be responsible for the money you spend. Possible major risks include:

1. The risks associated with technology
  • Because blockchain technology is at the heart of building the foundation and software of the project, so any risk associated with blockchain technology will directly affect the project. Blockchain technology is new, full of potential, promising but it is also in the development stage and faces many challenges.

2. Security risks
  • Security is always a top concern. If not secured, damage due to lack of security will be very large. We can still remember how network attacks such as Wanna Cry, or Ddos attacks on data centers have shaken the world.

3. Risk from fluctuating currency prices
  • As the project calls for ETH, BTC, which is the cryptocurrency, is in the era when the value of cryptocurrency compared to the rule of law is very volatile. So that is also considered a risk to be noted.

4. Risks related to cloud storage
  • Services that may involve the storage of large amounts of sensitive and / or proprietary information may be compromised in the event of network attacks or other malicious activity.

5. Market-related Risks to ELONCITY.
  • ECT is designed to be used only in the ELONCITY Network, so there may be a liquidity risk for the ECT you keep.

6. Policy risks
  • Due to the relatively sensitive issues involved in currency coding and electricity, the project faces a number of policy-related risks in countries.

7. Unforeseen risks
  • Encryption tokens such as ECT are new and have not been tested. In addition to the foregoing risks, there may be other risks associated with the purchase, handling and use of your ECT, including those risks that the foundation is unpredictable.

The second part - the problems of today's concentrated power and Eloncity solutions

Energy is the vital element of humanity. Therefore, ensuring that energy is the most important factor is the top priority for governments and nations. The use of energy today has many problems

The problems of centralized power grid model:

- Environmental issues and public health.
- Safety and reliability issues.
- Adaptability and resilience.
- The price of electricity is not competitive. By giving a series of examples, examples of incidents occur in California and around the world.

Eloncity has very close arguments about the problems of the current centralized power distribution system. These are environmental and public health issues in power generation, the safety and reliability of a centralized system; and on high electricity costs. Hence, it leads to the necessity (as a necessity) of building a decentralized production and distribution network.

 Eloncity solution

The ELONCITY model is a diversified solution that uses decentralized renewable energy sources to remove barriers to achieving a safe, healthy and fair energy future. As a model in their website, we will be in a community of energy exchanges and benefit sharing from equipment costs. We will save costs, optimize equipment utilization and give you a quick return on investment.

I would like to attach their content, because I think this is a complete and detailed piece of content.

"Given the challenges faced by natural disasters, population growth and climate change, new approaches to energy production and distribution are needed. Solutions must ensure a vibrant and sustainable development for all. 
The AI ​​Grid Foundation (Foundation) is a Singapore-based non-profit organization that advocates for the recruitment of renewable energy as a possible way to solve the problem of AC power. AC) focus as mentioned above. The foundation has collaborated with global organizations and local communities to develop the Eloncity Model - a multi-faceted solution that uses decentralized renewable energy sources to overcome barriers to energy supply. safe, flexible, flexible and fair in the future. 
Renewed renewable energy uses local renewable sources, such as solar or wind. When customers in a community work together to exchange energy and share the benefits of energy equipment costs (eg solar PV BESS, other energy management systems) to access supplies In order to maximize the utilization rate of installed equipment for increased ROI and other benefits, it essentially creates a community-based replication microgrid. This type of community-based, decentralized, renewable microgrid has tremendous potential to consolidate and address the problems of centralized grids that threaten safety and security. our volume. 
Eloncity is proposed to integrate advanced technologies, best practices, and lessons learned to create a scalable and scalable formula that unlocks the potential of the community-based renewable microgrid. achieving a renewable, more flexible energy future."

The Eloncity model builds on four main pillars:

1. Decentralized renewable energy architecture, including: 
- A high-performance blockchain technology platform that provides an open, secure distribution ledger to record high-speed energy and volume transactions. great; It comes with a utility token (Eloncity Token, #ECT) .
- An Eloncity Token (ECT) that is used for local power exchanges and encourages investment in storage systems. Battery power (BESS) for harvesting renewable energy has been harvested, as well as creating an open global marketplace that enables communities around the world to access advanced renewable energy products and services. . 
- A smart grid-connected battery power system (BESS) is deployed on the basis of harmonized local power supply needs. 
- Generation of renewable or community-based renewables, such as solar PV with a BESS intelligent network will meet all or almost all local power needs. 
- DC power is more efficient by eliminating energy loss. from repetitive AC-DC-AC converters as well as eliminate the need for costly AC power back up services.

2. Community-based planning and implementation will ensure the long-term success of the transition to a sustainable renewable energy future. Since communities have to live with this energy future, it is imperative that communities have a role to play in identifying and creating new energy futures.

3.Combining performance-based projects with the involvement of revolving lending funds to create an effective strategy to mobilize private capital to promote the widespread adoption of non-volatile renewable energy Medium

4. A coherent and fair legal framework facilitates markets to be adjusted to minimize market imbalances, to open up markets for innovation, consumer energy protection and support. In a nutshell, Eloncity's multi-dimensional approach promotes the following: (1) social and community development, (2) economic viability, (3) technological progress, and (4) meet regulations through the project life cycle. This multi-dimensional approach ensures comprehensive project planning and implementation, including synergies, tested fairly, locally responsive, system driven, and utilized technologies. the best.

Below is a list of partners who are working with Eloncity to develop and develop solutions:

Advantages of ELONCITY.

With the application of Blockchain technology to decentralized renewable energy, Eloncity has the following fundamental advantages:

They also offer the advantages of ELONCITY

• Open and secure trading
• Integrated and efficient energy market
• greater reliability
• Lower cost
• Enhanced safety
• Social benefits
• Reduce GHG emissions
• Adapt
• Low traffic
• Economic development
• Environmental and public health benefits .

The last part

The ELONCITY roadmap is described in three main phases:

1. Stage 1
The fund has partnered with a global alliance of partners to develop key building blocks technologies for the Eloncity Model over the past four years. These collaborative efforts have led to the commercialization of BESS's intelligent network, power management software, DC equipment and renewable link generator. Building block technologies have enabled the successful deployment of hundreds of self-contained buildings.

2. Phase 2
In Phase 2, the Foundation will work with research and educational institutions, public agencies, local governments, local utilities, global technology partners, financial partners and community-based partners. co-organizations to demonstrate a fully functional ELONCITY Model in real communities around the world. ELONCITY Models will be the integration of Phase 1 building block technologies with three block-added buildings: the ELCHCITY or ECTP encryption protocol and the encryption utility token. ELONCITY or ECT) to support community energy exchange, community capacity development for micro-innovation planning and implementation, performance-based project finance with revolving loans and The decentralized legal framework to support de-carbonization by market. Test sites will be geographically diverse to demonstrate the resilience of ELONCITY's universal design in meeting the unique needs of diverse energy markets. The main outputs of Phase 2 will be the formula for replication of the ELONCITY Model. The Fund will publish best practices, lessons learned, and project implementation processes to assist the community in implementing and implementing the ELONCITY Model.

3. Stage 3
In Phase 3, the Fund will focus on transshipment to increase the ELONCITY model for all target markets across the globe.


  • ELONCITY has a new idea of using renewable energy, but the other is that they want to use Blockchain technology.
  • ELONCITY wants to decentralize the existing electrical system into millions of self-sufficient viral power grids.
  • Electricity will be produced and will be provided locally 24/7, and will directly compete with existing power supply units.
  • Electricity costs will be more transparent. Anyone can use ELONCITY technology for FREE ELECTRONIC MANUFACTURING.

Through my own insights, I believe they have a real development strategy that shines. Their ideas are not new but the development team itself is an important element, with what they are doing from developing the core platform to market access, advertising strategies. They all show a good project. 

If you want to invest, you will need a Tokeneed account.

For more information on the Eloncity project visit:
- Official Website:
- Whitepaper:
- Krypital Bounty Group: 
- Eloncity Group:
- Krypital News:

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