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Elysian - Blockchain will be the key to the security of e-commerce in the future.

Hello everyone, I just heard about a scam when buying property online, now e-commerce has become extremely popular ... but the insecurity is still a weakness of the whole system. In a recent article, I introduced an online trading project called Elysian and today we learn about how he protects us when buying and selling online.
You can see: social networking, video games, instant messaging, sports on the net, various apps have covered the world. Mankind is actually going through the transition between our real world and the digital world. Communicate, entertain, shop at online stores. And a relatively new field but growing rapidly - the purchase of virtual goods, goods do not exist in real life, only in the digital world, but very important for consumers to conduct online most of their time.
Despite the high demand for such products, there are certain problems that hinder the creation of a thriving virtual goods market: the secretive ecosystem, the complexity of licensing and publishing. Trades in trade between brands and digital platforms due to poor performance and lack of confidence, accountability and transparency.
Information security when traveling on the internet is an extremely important issue.
First of all, I want to reiterate the purpose of the project, I do not want my new friends to understand because the content is about to share. Elysian is set to be one of the first e-commerce companies to integrate the cryptocurrencies-market into its platform. Businesses in the E-Commerce industry will be able to launch on an extensible Elysian platform to provide services. In addition, consumers will be able to access the Elysian e-commerce store, which will be the initial beta test for the platform and use any electronic money as a means of accessing transactions. security. The integration of atomic swap on the platform ensures that users will be comfortable in the Elysian ecosystem dealing with any token they like.
This platform will provide a significantly improved user experience by implementing technological advances such as Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. In the current e-commerce industry, there is a lack of revolutionary user experience. The industry is currently on the ground floor of a technology movement that will see some businesses turn to cosmetic aspects of this aesthetic for several years. Elysian is entering the market at a time when these aspects virtually nonexistence. Implementing AI and VR primarily aims at enhancing the user experience by improving the overall efficiency of the site, including site navigation and convenience. Consumers will be led to participate in an experience that will replicate the physical presence in a store. This will increase consumer satisfaction and support for the development of eCommerce.

How Elysian Will Use Blockchain for Security to set Another Standard in the Web based business Industry

Security is a noteworthy thought for the Web based business industry, as we have still not propelled security to the point where we can appropriately give insurance against malignant performing artists acquiring client information. As we've seen with ongoing pernicious assaults and information blunder (Equifax, Uber, Facebook), security is an undeniable need for any individual who has obligation of-mind over their customers' information.
Through the execution of blockchain innovation, Elysian will be on the front line of client security. Sadly, numerous organizations consider client security as an afterthought — only making strides as a strategy to alleviate harm after a break instead of proactively keeping these occasions from happening.
With a little knowledge, I believe that a lot of people are trying to attack your computer for the purpose of taking advantage of you "raise" him. Malicious software is an application that was created for a particular bad purpose. Most existing applications are created for common purposes while some applications have hidden features which are not doing what is assumed, but in fact, their purpose is to find, steal or destroy files, track any data or just annoy the user. This started a long time ago: the first computer virus was called Elk Cloner and was first discovered on a Mac in 1982. Over 10 years ago a new kind of malware appeared and it was called Adware. It was distributed through security holes in Windows XP and Internet Explorer. Adware can also utilize security holes in Java and Flash player or even in JavaScript. But why do developers create adware? The main reason is monetization, of course. Any Adware capable of embedding paid advertisements brings its owners huge income ... That is why you will always be at risk, especially your credit card information used when participating in ecommerce is valueless.
Elysian separates itself in an assortment of ways, and the safety efforts it will execute into its item will be the same. Elysian wants to construct a best in class Internet business stage which will alter the way organizations and shoppers direct trade on the web. Some portion of their offering will require the protected stockpiling of buyer individual information, which will extend from their own data to their installment data (Mastercards, and so on.).
At the point when an organization is under the commitment to store such touchy information, they should ensure that each part of their system is secured against vindictive performing artists. To do so, Elysian will employ a Proof-of-Authority consensus mechanism combined with a private Ethereum sidechain (merged with an encrypted atomic swap protocol) to ensure that user data is accessible for the right reasons, but securely stored — out of the reach of thieves and hackers.
Proof-of-Authority will ensure that all transactions on the chain are verified by notarized and documented individuals (removing anonymity from key stakeholders in the network). Combined with a private side chain, all information will be secure and invisible from anyone except the individuals who need to see it. This access will be safeguarded by the private chain.
By combining these two factors, Elysian will set a higher standard for Ecommerce security, and will also showcase the practical application of blockchain technologies. Elysian will outclass not only individuals who compete in their market, but also highlight the new industry standard for security requirements across multiple sectors of business.
Interesting, is not it? If you also regularly shop online and worry about cyber security like me, then this project is definitely something not to be missed.
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