Tuesday, 3 July 2018

ICO trends for the first quarter of 2018

We can see in the first quarter that most ICOs call capital primarily one of these types of tokens, these types of tokens divided by the use they generate for use in a project or ecosystem. But there are seven common types today:

- Vote token: owns a token that has the right to vote on projects that affect the development of the project. A fairly representative representation of the token vote is the HT token of Huobi floor when the user holds more HT, the more they decide to coin on the floor.

- Cryptocurrency: New electronic money but no special points that I have not thought of any delegates typical XRP cx is quite similar to this.

- Reward Token: Used to reward participants' contributions, when entering a token network, Steem, Steem Dollar is a reward for users to write and create content on Steem. Steem Dollar is essentially a promise, that when you come to cash in, the Steem Dollar you receive is equivalent to USD in Steem.

- Service Token: Used as internal money used to pay for project services or Dapp put on note that can be replaced by ETH for payment. For example, recently Dapp was used as a CryptoKitties game. The replacement ETH is the internal coin to pay for the items purchased in the game

Hybrid Token: The mixed Token is used to pay for services but adds bonuses for additional actions. For example, some people often make bounty on a project, so the reward they receive is the pay token. for their PR project it

- Utility Token, also known as a token, represents your access to a product or service that the issuer releases to the token, which is used for use in real applications. This type of token is not considered as an investment and is not subject to the Securities Act. An example of a form of the Token Utility is Filecoin, with $ 257 million of capital raised by selling tokens to give users access to a hierarchical cloud storage platform.

- Security Token is a form of "share" of the company, allowing the owner to receive "dividends". Therefore Security Token must comply with the provisions of the securities law. One example is tZero, the token of Overstock online retailer. The tZERO token was issued under the SEC regulations, and CEO Overstock Patrick Byrne has stated that the token holders will enjoy quarterly dividends derived from the profitability of the tZERO platform.

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