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Ubex - How did you come up to connect the two most difficult technologies together, AI+Blockchain?

Since the early dawn of the economy, the advertising industry has played an important role in the global service chain, not one sector has no need to use advertising services. Over time, the advertising services also change a lot to match the market trend and improve the quality of their services. Starting from the brochures, word-of-mouth introductions to the advertising banners, floral articles ... stretching to colorful images and fun sounds on the screen, The era of the internet, the form of advertising moved to social networking channels such as Facebook or Youtube, etc. Advertising market is always a piece of cake fragrant sweet smell.

Through its launching of the global decentralized advertising exchange with the help of the Blockchain technology, Ubex aims at resolving several problems that are currently affecting the digital marketing space in the current scenario. One of the major issues that it aims to alleviate is “targeting”. The platform utilized by Ubex makes use of a specialized programmatic approach to synthesizing the user data in order to improve target in the digital marketing scenario. Data based on socio-demographic & behavioral grounds is being analyzed for conducting a proper transaction. As such, it enables the overall improvement of targeting and will help the advertisers in buying slots for demographic data instead of website locations for top-class digital marketing strategies.
The overall potential of the specialized programmatic algorithms tends to be highly intense & effective. Additionally, the given potential of the programmatic approach utilized by Ubex is not realized fully until the introduction of the neural networks & the Blockchain technology is brought into the introduction. As such, the launching of Ubex’s service in this field will turn out to be a major catalyst for ensuring the overall growth of the digital marketing.
With the help of the Blockchain technology devised by Ubex, the consumer data will be protected in a better manner because of the additional security that will be incorporated into the Blockchain technology. The revolutionary Blockchain technology allows the parties involved to enter into a secure transaction without giving into one another by making use of some top-class, consensus mechanism. As individual block gets added to the other block, an irreversible chain gets created. This chain reveals individual action –right from the beginning to the end to result in complete transparent & secure transactions.
Ubex is a global decentralized advertising exchange wherein companies are able to advertise in an effective manner. At the same time, using the Ubex’s services, the publishers are able to tokenize the different kinds of advertisement slots profitable on the respective resources. The use of the Blockchain technology will allow Ubex to act in accordance with the Blockchain-verified tasks in an effective manner. Moreover, it will provide the advertisers with a complete control over the respective advertising campaigns through productive data analysis & generation or reports & information charts.

Learn a bit about who created the project.

I learned a little about the CEO of the project, Artem Chestnov, and in an interview conducted by Entrepreneur, he had great performances. Take a look at some snippets of content.
  • You are building an AI platform based on the blockchain. That is absolutely amazing. How did you come up to connect the two most difficult technologies together, AI+Blockchain?
The merger of the two technologies on blockchain is a natural solution as it is the only one that allows processing the vast amounts of data involved and ensuring maximum efficiency when it comes to an industry as complex and information-intensive as advertising. AI and neural networks complement each other by providing analysis and solutions that humans are unable to deliver at such high levels of efficiency. Blockchain serves as the basis that ensures transparency and speed of operation.
  • How are you planning to keep investors happy until Ubex gets listed after the token sale?
We are avoiding large bonuses and are offering only limited ones. Our most exceptional value will reside in the demand that our tokens will wield as the platform develops and thanks to the unique Buyback option we are implementing. The investors will be kept appraised of all our development progress and will be sure that continuous advancement is our primary goal.
  • Last question but not least, out of curiosity, considering that crypto market has lately been extremely regulated and a lot of bans are happening, have you considered to remove the crypto feature from your business model and just go simply with AI? Do you really believe in the crypto market, or are you using crypto just as a way to raise capital?
Our payment tokens are a necessity as returning to fiat options in this regard is degradation akin to abandoning vehicles in favor of horses. The tokens are a convenient means of conducting transparent transactions that are also near instantaneous. No fiat options can match that. As for my belief in the crypto market, I think it is unfair to say that we are just raising capital, as we are developing a necessary product which is demanded on the market. Our operations are completely legal and transparent with no hint of speculation. The market will evolve and grow, and we want to contribute to this growth by developing our product.
Of course, Artem is not the only pearl of the whole project. The Ubex team consists of senior professionals with extensive experience in the areas of marketing, neural networks and blockchain. One of the advisors is Urs Bolt. He has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, primarily in asset management, investment banking and related technology businesses. The other is Michael, a serial entrepreneur of Blockchain and has formed or co-founded companies including MLG Blockchain, StratX and AirdropX, among others.

Ubex and its competitors.

A business too many opponents, how to make it stand out? ... do you think ??? !!!
However, there is no competition in this regard when marketing and advertising are two different industries. Only Ubex combines the ability to pay for results with targeting based on data analysis of neural networks. None of their competitors have such a comprehensive solution. All of them solve a minor problem for modern advertising, they have created a new quality system that includes all the advanced developments existing. Ubex has created a new generation of ecosystems.
Because of these outstanding differences in compare with competitors, Ubex project is highly appreciate by many organizations.
The team has presented a step-by-step development strategy. They have already developed a model for the platform as well as the facility to work with widgets.
I highly appreciate effectiveness that artificial intelligence technology can bring to the economy. It can be said that artificial intelligence makes a different in advertising industry. Therefore, I also appreciate Ubex project. It isnot convenient for me to show you all detail information of the project. If you are interested in Ubex, please click on the links below. Thank you for spending time on reading. I hope my content is useful for you.
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