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QILIMANJARO - Quantum will be the leap of computing power on the computer.

Social integration with the world, the classic computer no longer fit the needs of life but instead is quantum computing. Do you know about quantum computing? I think most people know a little because its remarkable achievements in the area have changed an academic pursuit into an imminent commercial reality where classical computers will be defeated on selected but extremely relevant tasks.
We are observing the beginning of a technological substitution that will reshape our society in which quantum computation is central. At present, a variety of giant businesses, including Google, IBM, D-Wave, Rigetti, and Microsoft, are fiercely pursuing the construction of an operational quantum computer. Qilimanjaro wants to open the world of quantum computation to every company and individual, without the need of purchasing a quantum computer or undertaking expensive partnerships with large players in the quantum computation race. Our idea is to build a quantum computing platform accessible to most users, including individuals and corporations, and this way contributing access to novel quantum computing paradigms with the most transformative of all quantum technologies, at an available cost.
The European Commission has offered a finer organization of quantum technologies in four areas (see the final report by the high-level steering committee of experts)
•Quantum Metrology: Quantum sensors for specific application areas such as imaging, healthcare, geo-sciences, etc.
•Quantum Communication: Development of state-of-the-art network devices,
applications, and systems for quantum communication mesh-networks.
•Quantum Simulation: Development of operational demonstrators, based on existing physical platforms.
•Quantum Computation: Development of open quantum computer experimental systems and platforms
Quantum communication aims at making all communications conclusive secure by utilizing the fact those auditors will unavoidably alter the message they are blocking. In quantum communication, one of the most attractive aspects of quantum mechanics is employed as a key resource: quantum entanglement. Here, pairs of photons are concurrently made in an entangled state, which is a single quantum state that is shared between its two components. Counter-intuitively, this twinned existence continues, even when the particles are separated by vast distances: a modification of the quantum state of one part will unavoidably affect the other.
Two kinds of quantum computers have been envisioned:
• Full-fledged (universal) quantum computers
• Quantum annealers
Do you know about the limits of the classical computers? If you don't know about it, I will give you some information. In the future, they will hit a physical limit where quantum effects appear, and no control exists over the electronic signal issue. As a result, quantum computing is not intended ‘’to open faster a text document than a classical computer’’. We are talking about different abilities. Problems that require more power and time than even today’s supercomputers can provide. These are the problems that quantum computers are predicted to attack and solve.
Illustration of the difference between bits and qubits. Imagining a sphere, a bit can be at either of the two poles of the sphere, but a qubit can exist at any point on the surface of the sphere.

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Do you want to know about the Quantum Technology Economic? If you want, I will introduce some factors to you.
• Market Opportunity

Overall, the trend was definitely upward, and Goldman Sachs has projected the quantum computing industry could potentially be $29 billion by 2021.

• Quantum Applications for Real Business
• Current Quantum Computing Landscape
Quantum Applications for Real Business
Quantum Applications for Real Business
• Quantum chemistry
• Optimization problems such as traffic and scheduling
• Training of neural networks
• Finance
 • Cryptography and security
Current Quantum Computing Landscape
• Google
• Rigetti
• Microsoft
• Value proposal
• Location of the Laboratory and Infrastructure
• Qilimanjaro Software Services (QSS)
• Qibo: Universal Quantum Open Source Language
• OpenQ

Token Role
• QBIT Token Usage and Mechanism
• Post-quantum: Quantum resistant cryptography for QBIT’s
• General Goals: Contribute to scientific advancements which add value to the foundations of quantum computing.
      o  Develop platforms and infrastructures easily accessible to a global audience.
       o Integrate the development of quantum standards to promote discussion between the different companies developing this technology.
       o Increase collaboration with other companies and existing infrastructures to stimulate the development and uniformity of quantum technologies.
       o Promote collaboration through an open source community. Stimulate the creation of networks of people, encouraging mobility and the exchange of knowledge.
       o Promote the quantum annealing technology and quantum circuits in Europe, where no significant expenditure has been made in this direction.
• Short-term Goals
  o Flux Qubits
  o Other goals
         Set up the first quantum annealer with a few flux qubits (< 5 qubits)
        First real tests of quantum algorithms with a few qubits.
        Offer consultancy on quantum algorithms. Qilimanjaro Software Services will assist users to adapt their problems into a usable quantum algorithm.
        Contribute to Qibo development.
        Build OpenQ.
• Long-term Goals
 Completing the construction of a full-size coherent quantum annealer, reaching the quantum supremacy (100 qubits). Systems of even larger dimensions are envisioned beyond Qilimanjaro.
      Develop a widely used opened quantum language
      Stimulate research on quantum algorithms
      Improve the actual quantum computing ecosystem
      Make quantum computers accessible
      Create a quantum resistant cryptographic token
In the future, the project will be carried out with this roadmap


Use of funds
• Token allocation
• Company Reserve
• Growth and Qibo developer incentives
• Founders, Employees & Advisors
• Fund management
• Quantum Computer R&D
• Quantum Software Service & OpenQ
• Marketing
• Legal
Key Team Members
     o José Ignacio LATORRE
     o Pol FORN-DÍAZ
     o Artur GARCÍA-SÁEZ
     o Jordi Blasco
• Advisors
     o Víctor Canivell
     o Miklos Santha
     o Gavin Brennen
Appendix: Practical Examples Use Cases
• Finance
• Database Search
• Optimization Problems
• Training of Neural Networks
• Cryptography and Security
• Quantum Chemistry and Healthcare
I appreciate the potential that this project brings, in the next article I will analyze more about the project. And if you are interested in the project please join the link below.
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